Head Teacher’s Welcome

Dear Parents and Carers

Dalry Secondary School is a high performing school with excellent resources and committed staff. We are proud of our academic success, the high standards of pastoral care we offer our young people.

We aim to create a learning culture in which we promote the all-round education of our pupils, developing articulate young people who are confident in their own ability, have high aspirations and who learn to be leaders for life based on the values, experiences and education promoted in our school. We expect every pupil to achieve their personal best in all that they do. We set no limits to the ambitions of our young people or the expectations of our parents. We expect the highest standards from our pupils in all aspects of school life, in their attitude to learning, in their personal conduct and in their appearance.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Dalry Secondary School. 

I hope through accessing this website you will gain a sense of what is important for us in this school community.

We as a school community believe that by working together our young people can reach the highest standards of achievement and attainment during their time at Dalry Secondary School and beyond.

Yours faithfully

James P Smith

Head Teacher